Wednesday, September 15, 2010

J.Lo Newest “American Idol” Judge!

Actress/Singer Jennifer Lopez FINALLY signed a $12 million contract to join the judging panel for American Idol today.

There had been talk for the last three months that she would be joining the Fox Network Show, but supposedly negotiations fell through because Lopez wanted not only a hefty salary, but also a development deal.

But all that’s in the past! They got Lopez! At $12 million a year she’ll be the highest member on the show (formerly a position held by Ryan Seacrest!), but hey . . . they got her.

American Idol first aired in 2002, and quickly became the hottest show on network television. Millions of viewers tuned in each episode to see what the judges – Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson – would say about some of the fools who got up on the stage and thought they could sing. Simon was the meanie, Paula was the softie, and Randy kept it real.

But when Abdul left the show in 2009 when producers refused to raise her $5 million a year salary to $15-20 million. She as replaced by Kara DiGuardi and Ellen DeGeneres, and ratings began to slip. In 2009 the show was beaten, on a regular basis by ABC’s Dancing With The Stars.

When Simon Cowell announced earlier this year that he was leaving the show, Fox really began to panic; so much so that they decided to go back to their original format of three judges. Reportedly Steven Tyler, lead singer of Aerosmith, will be joining the show along with J.Lo.

Dancing With The Stars better watch out! Cause, you know Jenny from the Block is going to bust out with a mean salsa or tango at least a few times during the season.

In your face, Donny Osmond!

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