Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shaquille O'Neal Accused of Trying To Plant Kiddy Porn on Employee's Computer

Shaquille O'Neal Accused of Trying to Plant Kiddy Porn.

It was revealed yesterday that a bizarre lawsuit was filed in Miami, stating that basketball superstar -- Shaquille O'Neal -- tried to plant child pornography on an ex-employee's computer in attempt to prevent him from spilling the beans about O'Neal's extra-marital affairs.

Shaq, however, says Shawn Darling -- who filed the suit -- is an extortionist who tried to get $12 million from him.

The suit filed by Darling, who worked as a computer consultant for the basketball superstar, says that O'Neal first engaged him in 2007 to erase the basketball player's computer of any information -- including emails -- that showed evidence of a slew of affairs, including ones with rap singer Alexis Miller -- who later accused O'Neal of stalking and sexual harrassment.

Alexis Miller

In the suit, Darling also says that O'Neal's computer also had details about his affair with Swedish model Dominica Westling.

Dominca Westling

After the computer wipe, a relieved Shaquille then threw Darling's computer into a lake behind his house, and gave him money to buy a replacement I-MAC. He later fired Darling.

O'Neal was married at the times of the alleged affairs.

According to legal documents obtained by, Vanessa Lopez -- identified as another one of Shaquille's mistresses who accused him of harrassment --was then contacted by Darling, who told her that O'Neal was trying to hack into her email account and voice mail to erase any info about an affair.

Shaquille O'Neal and Vanessa Lopez

When Shaq found out about the contact, he became afraid of possible blackmail by Darling. He then fired the IT expert and -- according to Darling -- hired a former Arizona detective to hack into Darling's computer and plant the kiddy porn. The thought being, if Darling revealed Shaq's indiscrepancies that they could contact the authorities and accuse him of being a child pornographer.

According to the lawsuit, when the former detective notified him that the dirty deed was done, Shaq then wrote back in an email: "ok but in the meantime o boy needs to be put in jail, we have way too many law enforcement connections to let a criminal try to get over on mine o mine, we don't need any distractions as we deal with Harvard guy, shoe line guy, restaurant guy, real estate guy and everything we are planning to do after basketball life..."

In the suit filed in Miami, Darling states he is in fear for his life as O'Neal is a powerful person with close friends in law enforcement.

But there are two sides to every story. Yesterday O'Neal released a statement saying:

"Shawn Darling, a computer consultant engaged by basketball star Shaquille O'Neal to install and service a home theater and then service personal computer equipment, copied without permission thousands of emails and communications from Mr. O'Neal," reads the statement.

"Darling, an ex-convict with a long criminal record that he failed to disclose and hid from Mr. O'Neal, has demanded $12 million in exchange for not releasing Mr. O'Neal's personal and confidential emails and communications. When Mr. O'Neal refused to be extorted, Darling filed a lawsuit claiming 'invasion of privacy and emotional distress.'"

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