Sunday, September 19, 2010

Talk About Haters! J.Lo’s Ex-Hubby to Audition for American Idol

Ojani Noa seems to have made it his life goal to bring Jenny from the Block down to the gutter in any way he can!

Ojani Noa

Less than a week after it was announced that Lopez signed a $12 million contract to be a judge on American Idol, Noa announced he plans to try out for the show.

Noa was Jennifer’s first husband whom she married in 1997 – she met him when he was a waiter at a Miami restaurant – and divorced in 1998.

In 2002, when she was engaged to movie star Ben Affleck, Noa intimated that he might write a Tell-All book about their relationship. Lopez put a stop to it by giving him a job as manager of her Pasadena restaurant, Madre’s.

Well, that didn’t work out any better than their marriage, and he was fired just a few months later. So then he sued her over the firing. Jenny’s lawyers then negotiated an agreement, we’ll give you some money – just go the hell away. They also added a confidentiality clause to the settlement. They thought that would be the end of it. Boy, were they wrong!

In 2006, when Lopez married singer Marc Antony, Noa again started talking about a writing a Tell-All, and actually started shopping it around to publishers. When Lopez found out she sued him for breach of the confidentiality agreement, and the book scam fell apart. Lopez was awarded a permanent injunction against Noa, and a $450,000 cash settlement for the breach.

But Noa didn’t stop there! In 2009 Lopez had to again go to court to stop him from producing a film about their brief marriage, How I Married Jennifer Lopez. And also to stop him from distributing a “sex-tape.” Well, Lopez’s lawyers said it wasn’t really a sex-tape, but some footage of some of the then-couple’s private moments. Whatever. Bottom line is they stopped him once again.

So, now Noa’s plan is to once again cash in J.Lo’s fame. Less than a week after it was announced that she American Idol is paying her $12 million to judge the show for one season, Noa has decided he’s always wanted to be a singer. So, he says, he’ll stand on line with the rest of the contestant hopefuls to get an audition in front of his ex-wife and the other two judges.

Damn, Noa! Did she really hurt you that bad? Give it up, bro! Get your own life and stop trying to cash in on J.Lo’s!

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