Thursday, November 18, 2010

Catya Washington from Bad Girl Club Season 5 in Jail on Drug and Gun Charges

Catya Washington, the DDD buxon beauty from Season 5 of the Bad Girls Club, was arrested in Philadelphia on November 5th on drug and firearm charges.

According to police, Catya was found to be in possession of mushrooms, ecstacy, cocaine, and one gun. Bail has been set at $500,000, and sources say that her family has set up an online fundraiser to raise the ten percent of that figure ($50,000) to get her out of jail. They've allegedly already raised $20,000 in just a week.

But it seems that this is not the only time the Bad Girl Club vixen has been in trouble. Sources say that she was arrested a few weeks before the drugs bust on charges that she beat up the wife of the guy she was dating.

Catya allegedly rear-ended a car that was driven by the woman, and when she and Catya got out of their vehicles, Catya repeatedly hit the woman in the face with a chain, and sprayed her with mace.

Yeah, so okay . . . I believe it. Catya is a REALLY bad girl.

Okay, for those who want to make a donation to get your favorite Bad Girl out of jail (and Catya was my favorite Bad Girl on the show . . . too bad she left early!), you can go to and put in the password cat2010. Also, according to her twitter account (which is now locked!), there was a Fish & Chicken Fry for her on November 12th (we missed it!!!!!!!!!!!!), and tickets were going for $15.00

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