Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Crazy Video - Hide Your Wives. Hide Your Kids. Hide Your Husbands, Too!

A man climbed into a young girl's bedroom window and -- thankfully -- he was fought off and the girl wasn't hurt. HOWEVER, the newscast featured comments from the (almost) victim's brother, Antoine Dodson. He was pissed!!!! And came off as pissed, but, umm . . . funny. So funny that someone put the video for the newscast on the web.

THEN . . . someone added music to it, and it went viral!

And guess what? That video has made the Antoine Dodson rich! So something good came out of something that might have been horrible.

Tell me what you think!

Here's the ORIGINGAL video of the newscast:

And here's the video of newscast put to music. I'm sorry . . . but this is hilarious!

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