Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Male Sexuality Ads? Fine. Female Sexuality Ads? Not So Much!

Male Sexuality Ads? Fine. Females Sexuality Ads? Not So Much!

Uh oh! Television commercials actually hawking products to increase sexual desire! Oh no! Shock of all shocks! Yes, they should be banned!

Unless, of course, they’re for products designed to increase male desire and sexual ability.

Zestra Essential Arousal Oils, a product that claims to increase a woman’s sexual arousal during intercourse, has been a helluva time getting their television and radio stations to air their commercials. Even Face Book (Oh no! Not you, too, Face Book!) have said no to the advertising!

Yet and still we’re BOMBARDED with ads for Viagra and Cialias which talk about their ability to allow men to function sexually (and warn about four-hour erections!). And has anyone seen Fire and Ice from Trojan? How explicit is that?

Oh, wait! Maybe the ad for Zestra is too out there. Hmmm . . . let me see. There’s about four different middle-aged women talking about their loss of sexual desire after having children, and how this product helps them get back to that feeling of old.

Oh yeah! WAY to explicit!

So, is there a double-standard going on?

You decide!

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