Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rapper Khia has been arrested . . . again. This time for allegedly not paying her car note, and then preventing the repro man from collecting the not-paid-for auto. Aw, come on, Khia . . . let the men do their job!

The arrest went down on Wednesday, Sept. 8, in Atlanta, GA, and the rapper was released after posting a $1,300 bond. I'm not even going to ask . . . okay, I am. If she could pay the bond how come she couldn't pay her car note?

Well, this is one way for Khia to get back in the news. She's been trying for some time now, but it seems the only way she can get media play is when she goes on some radio show and fights with the DJ, or goes on some reality show searching for the next hot MC and gets kicked off the very first week.

Me? Personally? I've never been a big Khia fan, although I do acknowledge her hit "My Back, My Neck," was pretty good a couple of years ago. It's her STANK ATTITUDE which really turns me off about her.

I mean like calling Janet Jackson menopausal and Jermaine Dupri gay because Jermaine wouldn't sign her.

Or attacking Trina and Nivea (Lil Wayne's past and present)because she doesn't think they're worthy of Lil Weezy . . . and, oh yeah, she is. Says she wants to have Lil Wayne's baby, even. No comment -- that I know of -- from Lil Wayne. (Maybe he's seen her mug shot?)

Khia -- who's age is somewhere between 33 and 39, depending on what source you believe -- and is originally from Philadelphia, though she spent most of her years in the Tampa area. This is not her first brush with the law . . . she allegedly has had 19 other arrests.

Some folks . . . SMH

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