Sunday, September 05, 2010

My Love/Hate Relationship with Kanye West

I think I first fell in love with Kanye when he got up on national television and said, "George Bush hates black people."

Now, I'm taking a stand on whether ole George doesn't dislike an entire race, but I LOVED the fact that Kanye decided to use his fame as a platform for controversial views, even though he knew (or did he) that he could lose fans because of it.

And my heart bled for him over the tragic loss of his mother back in 2007 due to a "cosmetic procedure."

I haven't said that I also love his music, but I do. I was loving myself some Kanye. I even started loving Amber Rose because Kanye loved her.

But then came the VMA debacle. I couldn't believe he had the nerve -- the audacity -- the balls --- to get up on stage and ask Taylor Swift to admit that Beyonce deserved the award, and not her. My mouth dropped! My eyes watered! Sobs escaped from my mouth.

Oh, no! Not my Kanye!

All of a sudden my love turned to hate. Yes, I said it . . . hate. I detested anyone who could humilate a young girl like that. I hated anyone arrogant enough to think that his opinion was so worthy of being heard that he would STEAL someone else's limelight. I abhorred anyone who would be seen on camera swigging liquor from a bottle as he entered an award show.

To hell with Kanye!

But, um, my heart is melting again. It's not all the way defrosted, mind you . . . but, yeah, there's some water sliding down my icy demeanor.

He's said he's sorry. And I admire that.

Why did it take him so long to make a public apology to Swift, though? And it really does seem to be driven by his realization that he's losing money as his fanbase turns away from him.

But still he's so cute. He's so talented. And he's motherless.

I do love you Kanye . . . I just also hate your guts.

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Shay said...

ha ha! He's a wimp!