Sunday, September 05, 2010

Obama As Superman - It's The Only Way To Satisfy Everyone!

Obama as Superman – It’s The Only Way To Satisfy Everyone
I wonder if President Obama -- when he ran for president in 2008 -- I wonder if he remembered the old universal truth known by all Black folks -- in order to get half the credit of your white counterparts, you have to be twice as good. (That's right, feminists . . . this was a saying in the Black community loooooong before the modified version made it into the women's lib movement. Get over it!)
I like President Obama, but I don't think he's the best president we've ever had (at least not yet), nor do I think he's the worst (again . . . at least not yet); however, I do worry that he might be the most naive.
Did he really think he was going to have the respect of past presidents?
See, the reality is, he's a Black president. Oh, yeah, folks . . . Young Jeezy may have written the song, and Black folks may have been the one singing it in the streets, but they're not the only one very aware of Obama's blackness.
Do you REALLY think Rep. Joe Wilson (R-TX) would have yelled "You lie" at George W. Bush? It doesn't matter how many lies Bush or any of his predecessors told no one would have disrespected the president -- the office of the president -- in that manner.
But it's not just Republican conservatives who consider him the Black president. So many white liberals I've spoken to say they thought he would have done so much more by now, in regard to social issues, because (after all!) he's a president of color. (Yeah, they call him a president of color, but they mean Black.)
The thing is, when Obama decided to run he should have considered that he didn't just need to be a good president; or a great president; he has to be a super president. As in, he ocassionally needs to snatch open his shirt to display the big "S" on his chest (etched in black ink, of course) and do things like:
Dive into the ocean, pick up a big boulder (they do have boulders in the ocean, right?) and plug up that damn oil leak in less than 15 minutes;
Use his supervision and find Osama Bin Laden;
Fly in the air and change the atmosphere (substitute stratosphe, if that's more appropriate) and erase global warning;
Wave a magic wand and make the deficit appear; (Yes, I know Superman didn't have a magic wand, but since Obama is Black he has to be twice as good, remember?)
After all that the American publicy might even consider adding his likeness to Mt. Rushmore! Oh, wait a minute . . . what was I thinking? Um, scratch that!
But they might grudgingly admit that Obama isn't too bad a president.
And that would be something.
Now is the time

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