Sunday, September 05, 2010

What's up with The Bad Girls Club?

Brandi - Catya - Danielle - Erica - Kayleigh - Kristen - Lea

My favorite? A tie between Lea and Catya

My least favorite: A tie between Brandi and Erica

Although, I do kinda feel sorry for Erica. She played herself on the second episode when she challenged Kristen, thinking "Blondie" was a pushover.


Ooh, and by the way . . . does anyone besides me think that Kristen is right in questioning whether Danielle is really an ex-heroin addict? I think she might have dabbled, but that doesn't quite justify in identifying yourself as a full-blown addict that way Danielle does.
So why would anyone want to be identifyed as an ex-junkie. Hmmmm . . . publicity? A way of standing out? Let's face it, in every other way Danielle is just plain vanilla. And even as an ex-junkie she's pretty darn boring.


And I also have to justify picking Catya as a favorite. She's the most interesting for me to watch, but I actually like Lea better. Most of the time I agree with Catya when she's going off, but she just so over does it that I'm like over her. But watch . . . she's going to be one of the last girls standing.
And I think Lea and Kristen will also be around to the very end.

I'm expecting Brandi and Kayleigh to be booted out any moment, though.


Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention Morgan. I was so glad they kicked that b*tch to the curb in the first episode!!!

Shay said...

waiting to see if Brandi rapes Lea. LOL