Sunday, September 05, 2010

Sarah Palin's Monster Next Door Goes Bye-Bye!

So Joe McGinniss has finally gone home. Good!

I don't believe that a person had to be a Sarah Palin fan to sympathize with her and her family when McGinniss, who's writing an unauthorized biography on the former vice-presidential candidate, bought the house next to her home in Wasilla Alaska in late Spring.

Yes, I'm a writer myself. And I'm a former journalist. I understand Freedom of the Press, and the public's right to know, and wanting to get close to the subject so as to know the most about the subject.

But moving next door to the woman's house? Where she lives with her husband and her children? RIGHT NEXT DOOR?

I think that's carrying things a little too far!

In all fairness, McGinnis is no stranger to Alaska. He was there in 1975 while writing a book on oil money, and then again in 1982 when writing an article for Portfolio magazine. And I would have had no qualms with him moving to Alaska to write the book; or even him moving to Wasilla. But moving right next door?

I'm just not so in line with that.

McGinniss, all I can say to you is: GOOD RIDDANCE!

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