Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This was one grandma who had enough!

58-year-old Cordelia Chisolm boarded a bus at the 69th Street Bus Terminal in Upper Darby(just outside of Philadelphia) with about 20 other people, including a young woman talking on her cell phone.

Chisolm sits in a seat, and the young woman, still talking on the phone, sits down next to her. Chisolm waits a few minutes, mumbles something about the girl's language and that there are little children on the bus, then gets up to move to another seat.

The 22-year-old woman rolls her eyes, and says something to the person on the phone about "Some old lady . . . "

Chisolm turns back and says "This old lady will put a bullet in your mouth."

The teen says something else . . . Chisolm pulls out a .38 revolver!. . . and walks back over to the girl.

Tragedy was prevented when a good samiratan jumped between them and calmed Chisolm down, and even escorted her off the bus. Chisholm was later arrested. Though sheh's never been in trouble with the law before, she's been given $50,000 bail, and changed with but she was not licensed to carry a gun.

Now, you know I don't condone gun violence, but look . . . don't YOU hate it when someone get on the bus, enters a restaurant, or sits down next to you in any public place and is in their cell phone AND STARTS CURSING LOUDLY!!!!!

I mean, I'm not one of those folks who say people shouldn't talk on the cell phone at all in public spaces (except the movies!), but I don't think I should be bombarded with nasty filthy language simply because some jerk has enough money to buy a cell phone.

And I get even more upset with the verbal bombardment when there are young kids in the area.

So I don't believe Chisholm should have pulled a gun on the chick, but I sure know there are time when I would have liked to have done the same!

Check out the video . . . courtesy of ABC News, Channel 6 in Philadelphia!