Monday, December 20, 2010

Get Started Writing Your Novel Workshop - Philadelphia

Hello All . . .

I'm writing to notify you that I will be holding a 5 1/2-hour "Get Started Writing Your Novel" workshop in Philadelphia on Saturday, January 29, 2011 . . .

For those who are not quite familiar with me, my name is Karen E. Quinones Miller, and I'm the author of seven novels published by major publishers such as Simon & Schuster, Kensington Books, Warner Books, and Grand Central Books. All of my novels have been Essence bestsellers, and I've also been nominated for an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary - Fiction.

In addition, I'm a nationally known literary consultant, and I head Eveningstar Writer's Group. I'm also CEO of Oshun Publishing Company.. Please feel free to visit my website at  to find out more about me.

Topics for the Get Started Writing Your Novel seminar include:

Getting Started

Story Structure
Point of View
Character Development
Showing Versus Telling
Writing Realistic Dialogue
Setting a Scene
Overcoming Writer’s Block

Admission to each seminar is limited to 15 people so that everyone has time to ask questions, and have them answered to their satisfaction.

The cost for this 5 1/2-hour seminar is only $90.00 -- although the information is given is worth MUCH more, I try too keep my prices low so that more people have the opportunity to attend (I KNOW what's it like to be a struggling writer!).

You can obtain information about registering for this seminar by contacting me at

If you're a writer, and you're serious about improving your writing, and getting your work published . . . then this is the seminars for you! And if you're not a writer, but you know someone who is . . . be a true friend and pass this message on to them!


Testimonials from others (ALL ON FB) who've attended the Get Started Writing Your Novel seminar

In June of 2010 I attended the Philadelphia Writers Workshop and took a class with Miss Karen E. Quinones Miller. I don't think I've ever had a religious experience as a writer until that day. Karen spoke to a packed house and dealt with the tricky issue of character development, passive voice, and a few other topics. I had to take a good look at my writing, and myself. Karen explained to me the very building blocks of a great story and how to use them. For the first time, I had a glimmer of an idea of what development was really about.</span>

Ciuinin Ferrin 

Karen E. Quinones-Miller is full of information, experience, and knowledge and I am so happy to have attended her writing workshop and cannot wait to see all she has taught me put into action! Thanks, Karen!</span>
Dennis Maurice

The Get Writing Starting Seminar was conducted in a small close knit setting, opportune for questions and answers, we discussed staying true to your character, showing vs. telling and the difference between active and passive writing.  Attending the seminar not only provided priceless information but meeting with Karen herself was invaluable as she has remained a consistent resource in my writing career.  Since our meeting Karen has continued to be unselfish with the knowledge she has gained.   An old adage I once heard that says, “When you climb the ladder of success don’t forget to reach behind.” Karen Quinones Miller has embodied that mantra and used it as a selfless practice in her encouragement and advancement of new writers.
Sharai Rucker

 Thank you for your invitation to your writing semiar back in July. My experience was enlightening and knowledgable. The backwards check mark made so much sense. My ah ha bells rang like sunday morning catholic church bells....loud and clear. Connecting with other writers near and far was a plus as well. Because of you I have a few more people in my circle who understand me as a writer.

Kendall Prophet