Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Proudest Moment in Journalism

I was a reporting intern at the Philadelphia Inquirer in June 1992, when a police shooting came over the police band radio one night. An officer had been shot in the West Philly. I grabbed the cell phone (remember the huge ones they had back then?), and a notepad, jumped into a company car, and drove straight over to the scene. When I got on the block I found the area around a private home in the middle of the block cordoned off, and police swarming all over. There was a bus parked just a few feet away from the house.
When I finally got to speak to a police spokesperson, I was told that two police officers were responding to a call, and knocked on the door of the now cordoned-off house. An unidentified man came to the door with a gun and shot one of the officers. The fallen officer’s partner managed to pull him away from the house and called for backup.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Duck Dynasty . . . Yeah, Canning is the Right Thing to Do!

I think A&E is right to can Robertson, the patriarch of the Duck Dynasty clan.

But then again, I'm one of the people who think if people make derogatory racial comments they should be canned. 

Yes, these people have protection under the First Amendment, but the issue here is that people who have national media exposure -- like a TV show -- have a social responsibility; because, rightly or wrongly, they become role models. 

Just like children are swayed toward toys based on whether they like the commercials promoting them, people are often swayed when forming opinions based on television shows they watch.