Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Book Review of "When The Cake is Made"

Book Review of "When The Cake is Made" by Miasha and Lisa Wu Hartwell.

Review by Olivia Cooper
I didn't buy the book because of Lisa Wu Hartwell, I'd never even watched those Housewives series, I bought it because I'm a Miasha fan. But I can tell you one thing for sure . . . this was a collaboration that really worked.

When the Cake is Made (I HATE the title, by the way!) is about three women on the brink of marriage whose weddings have been ruined, either because of outside forces, or because of their own personal demons.

Angie is a movie producer who lives in a fabulous house, has a fabulous life, but decides she needs a fabulous husband. But when she gets to the altar, she begins to have a change of heart.

Sheryl is a timid, battered, and almost broken divorced woman. When she meets the man of her dreams and is walking down the aisle toward him and a life of happiness tragedy occurs.

Leslie is a diva personified. When the man she's been fooling around with and has finally roped into marrying her delivers a shock at their wedding, she goes totally off!

All three realize they need psychiatric help in order to go with their lives, and seek that help from a woman psychiatrist who sponsors an annual Caribbean retreat for her patients. They meet when they go to the retreat for women which features a "Burn Your Wedding Dress" ceremony, and become roommates at the resort, and later remain friends when they get back to the States.

While they know they're drawn to each other, what they don't know is that they are all connected in ways that will affect each other's lives.

There's PLENTY of drama in this book, and a lots of unexpected twists and turns. I couldn't wait to find out how the authors were going to tie everything together, and they did a wonderful tie job!

I'm already a Miasha fan, I'm now a Lisa Wu Hartwell fan! And I hope they'll be collaborating on more books!
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