Monday, October 28, 2013

Twelve Years A Slave -- One More Reason To Watch The Movie or Read The Book!

Earlier today an author friend of mine -- Mister Mann Frisby -- made a posting on his FB page responding to people who have been saying they are sick and tired of books and movies about slaver narratives and slavery. 
In his response Mister said, something to the effect, that those people ran the risk of their children not learning their history. 

I thought about that post when I saw the photo below that a young woman posted on her FB page.

 Photo: Silly Negros wanting to be accepted,they will never accept you..Smh

 She obviously thought it was funny . . . but it made me wonder if her parents took the time to make sure she knew her history? I doubt it, because I don't think any young African-American woman -- who knew the history of Blacks in the United States -- would think it was funny to pose for a picture showing a noose being placed over her head by young white people.