Monday, November 22, 2010

Time Insurance

Time insurance . . . I need time insurance!

They have insurance for everything else that's precious:  Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Car Insurance, Homeowner's Insurance, Travel Insurance . . .

Well what about time insurance? I mean it!

Honey, I don't know about you; but my time is valuable. And I'm tired of it being abused, so I want it insured.

When someone makes an appointment at my office and shows up an hour late or not at all, I want to be compensated for my time. If I cancelled other important business with this guy, and lost out on a whole lot of money, I should be able to put in a claim against my policy. I need time insurance!

Diamond Dust - in Jewelry, Beauty Products, Art, Weather, Construction!

Diamond dust is the residue that is left behind when a jeweler cuts a large diamond into smaller pieces -- but believe me it's not left behind long because that residue can be used in a variety of ways.

Diamond Dust in Jewelry - Diamond dust is somtimes used as a coating for jewelry, to add sparkle to high-end gold, silver, or platinum pieces. Many jewelers carry various types of pendants filled with diamond dust.

Gold over Sterling Diamond Dust Hourglass Pendant

Diamond Dust in Beauty Products  - Beauty icons such as Madonna has been known to use makeup products that contain diamond dust. For instance, eye shadow mixed with diamond dust for extra shimmer and glitter to her eyes and eye brows.  “The resulting brightness and glow from Madonna’s eyes captivate the audience and reinforces the fact that there are always new possibilities with makeup — and no rules,” explains Gina Brooke, artistic director for Shu Uemura.   
photo courtesy of Shu Uemrua