Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Most writers ardently oppose censorship, and are defenders of the U. S. Constitution's First Amendment, which allows for free speech.

However, should there be exceptions? For instance, should there be a ban on books which promote pedophillia? According to Amazon -- the Internet's largest book retailer -- the answer is a resounding NO! Read the AP article below, and let's see what YOU think!

(and thanks to FB Friend, Angela Nicky Wright for bringing this subject to my attention!)

NEW YORK -- is selling a self-published guide that offers advice to pedophiles, and that has generated outrage on the Internet and threats to boycott the retailer.

Toni Morrison Awarded the French Legion of Honor

Toni Morrison Awarded the French Legion of Honor

PARIS — Toni Morrison is "beloved" in France, the country's culture minister said Wednesday, November 3rd, as he inducted the celebrated U.S. novelist into the elite Legion of Honor society.

In a ceremony in a gilded hall in the ministry, Frederic Mitterrand pinned a red and gold medal onto the celebrated author's jacket as a scrum of photographers snapped away.

Mitterrand called Morrison – a Nobel laureate and winner of the Pulitzer Prize – "the greatest American novelist of her time."

Lil Wayne Hit with Paternity Suit!

Lil Wayne Hit With Paternity Suit!

The Grammy-winning rapper was just released from a New York jail on November 4th, but it turns out that he has to make a return – In order to take a paternity test!

A Missouri woman filed the suit in August, stating that Wayne is the father of her 8-year-old grandchild, and the court has ordered the rapper to submit to a DNA test by December 9th. And the test has to be taken at Riker’s Island . . . Lil Wayne’s home for the last eight months.

Sample Query Letter - Fiction


(SAMPLE QUERY LETTER -- Remember the best query letters are NEVER more than two pages long. Try to stick to one page. Letter should be single-spaced, and you should try to hook the agent from the very beginning. Remember to focus on your manuscript, what it's about, why it's unique, and what makes it worth publishing. You should also compare to other books on the market so the agent can quickly get a feel for what kind of book you've written so as to decide if they want to read it. Also, let them know how long the manuscript is -- not how many pages but how many words. That's how manuscripts are measured. And finally, tell them something about you, and why you're qualified to write this book. If you've never written anything before, don't bother mentioning that . . . just say that you love to write and completing your novel has been an enjoyable endeavor or something. Oh! And one more important thing . . . most agents now accept query letters via email. THE RULE IS, THOUGH; SEND THE QUERY IN THE BODY OF THE EMAIL, AND NOT AS AN ATTACHMENT!!!!!!!!!)

Dear Ms. ________,
It wasn't that Regina Harris wanted to be a Harlem street woman, she simply had no choice. Orphaned at 13, and with an infant niece to support, she becomes a shoplifter and a "professional girlfriend" to make ends meet. But when she's shot, and almost killed, while hanging out with a cocaine dealer, Regina turns her life around. She goes back to school, graduates from college, and begins a successful journalism career.

How To Write A Query Letter

How To Write A Query Letter
First of all . . . What is a query letter?

It's a letter sent to agents letting them know about your manuscript, and asking them for representation. Nowadays almost no publisher will take a manuscript directly from a writer -- they want the writer to have an agent. It's sort of a filtering out process for the publisher.

The problem is agents are inundated with query letters . . . so make sure yours stands out from the pack. Below are some tips for writing query letters: