Saturday, February 09, 2019

Just in Time To Get You Ready for Valentines Day - The Guide to Becoming the Sensuous Black Woman

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Ever wonder why some women seem to get all the men? Even the ones who are no where near as good looking as you? Wondering what it is they've got that you don't? They're tuned into their SENSUALITY, meaning they're in tune with their senses, their body, and they know how to receive and give pleasure. Men can intuitively spot these women, and they're drawn to them like flies to honey. And boy do these women know how to dish out the honey! These are The Sensuous Black Women, and you can join their number by reading "The Guide To Becoming The Sensuous Black Woman (And Drive Men Wild In And Out Of Bed!)"
There have been other books written about sensuality, but none that have been so all encompassing, and absolutely NONE written specifically for the Black Woman. In writing "The Guide To Becoming The Sensuous Black Woman (And Drive Your Man Wild In And Out Of Bed!)" the spectacular "Miss T." has done a service for Black Women everywhere!

Tips Include:

-How To Attract A Man From Across The Room!
-Been Bad While He's Been Away? Tighten It Up So He'll Never Know!
-Want Your Man To Taste You Down There? Make It Tasty!
- Put His Condom On Him For Him Using Your Mouth!
- Exercise Your Way To A Bigger And Better Orgasm

Media Reviews
""This is a book that shows women how to attain sensuality in an encouraging, detailed, constructive, and sisterly fashion. It provides women with tools on how we can be sensuous beings whether we are in the bedroom with our lovers or just walking down the street with our friends." -- Cynthia Robinson - Reporter - "The Philadelphia Tribune"
"Sexy, sensous, and naughty. A must have book!" -- Jenice Armstrong - Columnist "The Philadelphia Daily News"

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