Monday, September 20, 2010

Trey Songz' Philly In-Store Signing Canceled Because of Mob Scene!

Video caught by Black and Nobel Bookstore! (

R&B star Trey Songz made the mistake of tweeting folks that he was going to be doing an in-store signing at FYE in Philadelphia this afternoon.

If Trey didn't know the power of Twitter before, he sure knows it now! Hundreds of fans rushed down to Broad and Chestnut streets to get up and close to their idol. So many that the cops had to be called in because traffic was being blocked during evening rush-hour. By the time Trey pulled up to the front of the store things were so out of control police wouldn't let him out of his car.

Trey was U-Streaming the whole time, and letting the folks know what was going on. He even relayed exactly what the police told him . . . if he got out of the car he would be arrested for creating a disturbance. Trey said over and over, he wanted to go in the store and do the signing, but the police wouldn't let him.

Then things went from bad to worse as many in the crowd started getting angry and taunting police. It got so bad that the police threatened to use tear gas to clear the streets.

Finally, FYE management came out of the store and told the crowd that the in-store signing was canceled until further notice. They also said that the future date would be promoted in advance, and people would have to come in beforehand to get wristbands if they wanted their CD's signed. I knew Trey was big . . . but, to be honest . . . I didn't know he was that big!

Trey's new CD, Passion, Pain & Pleasure was released this week, and he's scheduled to come back to Philadelphia on Dec. 16 for the OMG tour with Usher according to They will be appearing together at the Wells Fargo Center -- and tickets are still available.

Although judging by the love Philly fans showed this afternoon, perhaps not for long!

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