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Author of 2008 Book 'Harlem Godfather' Speaks Out on television miniseries 'Godfather of Harlem'

I hope everyone, by now, knows that the new television miniseries "Godfather of Harlem," is based on the book "Harlem Godfather" written by Bumpy's 94-year old widow, Mayme Johnson (since deceased), and me back in 2008.
Of course, the people producing this television series did not come to me, Ant Hatcher (Bumpy's  grandson) or anyone involved in the creation of the book. 
Or even acknowledge our existence. 
Beyond using an obvious play on our title in order to exploit some of that publicity we garnered.
But would you believe more than 300 people who did not know me, Mayme, or Bumpy Johnson, pre-paid for a copy of our book simply because they wanted to support this endeavor? 
We put out a call over the Internet for paid pre-orders because Mayme Johnson wanted this book written immediately, because she was getting older and may not have been able to wait for mainstream publishing to put it out. 
So we needed the money to come up with the printing. 
$3000 to be specific.
So 300 people sent $10, to people whom they did not know, to get the printing done; hoping, but not knowing for sure that they were not being duped. 
African-American media personalities like James Mtume of 98.7 KISS FM,  Yalanda Lattimore of DryerBuzz , who did not know us, invited us to promote a product that had not yet been created or funded … normally a big no-no… in order to help raise money for the printing.
That's called community support.
But it would seem none of that matters to the producers of Godfather of Harlem.
But, we know that kinda stuff often happens when it comes down to White people making money off of the stories that we bring to light. 
No, it doesn't only happen to black people … but I can't but help think of the horrific stories like the black woman who wrote The Matrix -- and only won a copyright infringement suit some 14 years later.
I am a Black woman, a Disabled Vet, and,  yep, I actually knew Bumpy Johnson when I was a kid. And, oh my God, how I loved Mayme Johnson.
I am also a former staff writer with a major newspaper, and a best-selling author. (Look me up! I am even listed in Wikipedia!)
Before Harlem Godfather was written there was absolutely no legitimate information written about Bumpy Johnson… Ever!
All there was written were misconceptions and incorrect information.
When the Frank Lucas movie came out which detailed a bunch of lies and misconceptions about Bumpy Johnson, Mayme Johnson was so furious that she insisted that I go ahead and write the book I had said I was interested in writing some 10 years before. 
The first and only biography about legendary Harlem gangster, Bumpy Johnson.
It wasn't easy for either of us. 
She was, after all, 94-years old and I was still recovering from brain surgery to remove a tumor on my left frontal lobe. 
But we persevered, and less than a year after we started Mayme was signing books at a launch party in Harlem that brought out more than 100 people.

Some people are unscrupulous… It seems that producers of "Godfather of Harlem" number among them.

This is the list of all those people who pre-paid for the book in order for us to actually pay for a printing!
Please let me know if you run across your name, or the name of somebody that you know.
Their names were also listed in the book with a huge thank you!

Thanking Those Who Made This Book Happen

Adam Amaro; Adonis Cooper; Agnes M. Lee; Albert Gunn; Alexander Rios ; Alexis Dobbins; Alfred Oglesby; Alvin Alexis; Andrew Roane; Angela Jefferson; Anthony Krigbaum; Anthony Morris; Anya Lindsey; Aristotle Stathatos Armahn Britt; Arno Icon Troxler; Arturo Varela Jr.; Asiatic Allah; Asukaya Bailey; Athena Rosa McMillan; Audrey Morrissette; Barbara Milhouse; Becky Dial; Bernard Potter; Betty J. Shabazz; Bobbie Chestand; Booker T. Johnson, Jr.; Brett Bradford; Burnside 183rd Fat Cat; Butter; Carlton Davis: Carol Ann Haynes; Celess Martin; Celosia Singleton; Charlene Butler Perry; Charles Kogan; Charlie “E-Z” Davis; Chaterral Stovall; Christian Aliperti; Clarence E. Jones Jr./ AKA "CLAY"; Clarence Malik Mohammed; Clarence Sylvester; Clyde Lewis; Collier Harris; Coney Braddy ; Consuerella Chaney; Cornel M Williams; Craig Smith; Cynthia Moore; D. T. Bullock; Darin Lee Sympton; Darnetta Frazier ; David Partridge; David Shellman NYC; David Williams; Davon Stephenson; Dear Sisters Literary Group; Deborah Evans; Deborah Lee ; Debra Dishmon; Delf's Al Day Promotions; Dell Jones; Delores Jenkins; Denise McFall; Derrick Randolph; Dianne Washington; DJ McTom; Dwight A. Love; Earl Jordan; Edelmiro Perez; Edward T Coley; Elizaida Galarza; Elvirita Lopez; Emma Claire Gomersall; Emma Marbley; Eric Cherryhill; Eric Dee Pittman; Eric M Hare; Eric Thomas; Erica Wright; Ester B Williams; Fabricio “FAB-BROOKLYN” Marin; Felecia Gunn; Florence M. Adams; Foster Zeh; Frances Mahee; Frank J Valentine; Frank Oglesby; Franklin D. Brown; Fylicia Rolland; G. Banks Entertainment;; Gary Jones; Gayle Sloan; Geoffrey Ellis; George Michael; Gerald Henderson; Gracie McKeever; Gregory Everett; Gregory Waters; Gregory Zigler–Harlem World 146th; Gregoryjo Beasley; Gryphon Dickerson; Harry Grent; Hassan Idris Muhammad; Hassan Jackson; Hector Santiago; Helena Larry; Henrietta J. Tate; Henry Barrington; Hinton Stephens; Homer Keaton ; Howard J Jefferson; Howard Johnson; Hursell Dolly; Irving Wright; Isaac Williams; Ishmael Rahman; Jack Buckles; Jacqueline Beasley; Jacqueline Johnson; Jacqueline Mathews; Jacqueline Waiters; Jalal Johnson; Jamal Lee; Jamal Smalls aka Makavile “DA” Don; James Bacon; James E Harris; James Sanchez; Jaromir Krol; Jason Williams; Jeff Benson; Jefferey White; Jennelle Evans; Jermario Hamilton; Jerry Butler; Jeweleen Perry; Joann Bell; Jody Jones; Joe “The Man” Wells; John Baillie; John D. Douglas; John E. Walden; John Fisher; John Seay; Johnny Gibbs; Jose Samaniego; Joseph Blandford; Joseph Byrd; Joseph Harrison; Joseph Marino; Josh Silber; Joshua A. Maloy; Joyce Tate; Juanita McGill “Juanita-Willie”; Judy Zeh; Julia Gooden; Justin Jordan; Kamilah Collins; Keith N Johnson; Kellice Seymore; Kenneth Williams; Kim Robinson; Kim Woods; Kurell “NYMESIS” Brown; Kyel Windslow (Yahua, be Smart & Brave!), Kyle Gray; Kyle Kennedy; Kyle Winslow; Landton Malone; LaNell Bell; Larry McCall; LaShonda Lee-Campbell; Lashunda Rogers; Leonard Smith; Leslie Bethel; Loreia Johnson-Flemister; Linda Smith; Lou DeQuesada; Luis Gyles; Luther Smith; Lydia Sutton; Lynette Denson; M. Earl Johnson; Mack “Almalik” Toliver; Macy Hake; Makeda Smith; Malcolm Freeney; Mamie R Anderson; Marcella Banks; Maria Kusak; Mark Bryant; Marq A. Harley; Marquine Lang; Mary Aliaga; Mary Nichols; Matthew Angers; Michael “Baby Mike” Patterson; Michael B. Harley; Michael Cartwright; Michael Crawford; Michael Dixon; Michael F. Woods; Michael J. Ryals; Michael Roe; Michael Waddell; Monte; MV’s Wiggout Barbers; NaKeia Grimes; Nandi Crawford; Nathan Jones; Nathaniel Jones; Nelson Spellman; Nichole Jones; Nicole Staggers; Nicole Stevenson; O-Luv Money Productions; Oscar Huerta; Pamela L. Thomas; Parnell L. Johnson; Patricia Worthman; Patrick Coffey; Patrick D. Wilson; Paul Alston; Paul and Sara Bergman; Phew; Pitbull Palace; Qadir Muhammad; R J Grant; Ralph Cook; Rebecca Kendrick; Reginald B. Stewart; Rickie Jarrett; Rita Myers; Robert Barclay; Robert Delaney II; Roberto Berdeguer; Roman Valdespino; Ronald Bennafield; Ronell Mitchell, Sr.; Ronnie Burpo; Ronnie Coley; RootWomin/ Iya O Karade; Rosanne Mack; Roy Jones; Rudy Grent; Ruth Estime; Samuel Dawson; Samuel Pledger; Sascha Schmitt; Scott Burke; Scott Haskins; Semril James; Shani White; Shannon Horne; Sharniece Williams; Sharonda Carter; Shatim Jones; Sheila Robinson; Sidney C. Williams; Simon Linen;; SoundCrafters; Steven Hudson; T. C. Bullock; T. Shaka Troxler; Taj R Wilson; Tall Alston; Tania Williams; Tanya Washington; Tauhid Shaka Troxler; Tavius Troxler; Techsista Media Share & Distribution; Teri Davis; Terrell Wright; Terrin Jackson; Terry L. Day; The Good Kid II; Theresa Brunson; Thomas Burt; Tito Alston; Toka Waters; Tony Carter Sr. from 143rd St.; Tonya Blount; Tonya D. Johnson; Tonya Manning; Torrie Mitchell; Tracy Owens; Travis Earl Livingstone; Tray Boogie 122nd; Tremain Smith; Tyree Allen; Veronica Gates; Virginia Lambert-Barber; Walter G. Fuller; Walter L. Stevens; Walter R. Paige; Wendy Eatherton; Wendy Tomlinson; West Coast Black Television Network; Yasmin Coleman; Yu-Hsuan Yeh; Yvonne Galarza-Fludd

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